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Mission Statement   

Enrich the education, character, and well-being of every child at MCES with engaging and fun programs in an innovative and safe environment.
Funding Education for our Children!
Morning Creek Elementary
2018 Events
  1. APEX Fun Run
    SEPT 28
    APEX Fun Run
    APEX is one of our two largest fundraisers of the year. The APEX Fun Run combines the power of a strong character curriculum with fitness that is fun.
    DEC 8
    PNO gives our parents the opportunity to go to dinner & a movie while their kids enjoy time with friends watching a movie & participating in an educational activity.
  3. McTeacher Night
    NOV 29
    McTeacher Night
    Enjoy a cheeseburger and fries while your teachers & Principal serve you dinner. Win an I-Pod Nano or another great prize.
  4. Auction
    March 24
    This is our largest fundraising event of the year. Bid on Class Baskets, Teacher Outings, & coveted parking spots, all while dancing and dining with Parents and Staff.
  5. Read-A-Thon
    FEB 26
    This is an easy, fun, educational way to raise money for our school. Log your reading hours for 2 weeks, get pledges, and turn them in. Simple as that!
  6. Life Lessons-Character Counts
    JAN 29
    Life Lessons-Character Counts
    Fun classes that help build great character and strong bodies. The focus is helping kids be stronger on the inside by making good choices and then stronger on the outside through exercise & karate.